Homemade Soup: Tomato with Pasta and Chicken

March 15, 2015 011 homemade soup

Homemade soup was my favorite food when I was growing up.  I used to love it whenever my mom made this.  I don’t make it often, but my family loves it whenever I do.  I’m so happy I’m able to share some of my favorite family recipes with my kids (and you).  I don’t know if this is originally a French-Canadian recipe or not, but my entire extended family makes this…and everyone makes it a little bit different.  Here is the recipe I use (and my mother uses as well.)


  • 2 chicken breast halves (with skin & bones) OR 2 cups chopped cooked chicken and 3 ½ cups chicken broth.
  • 1 onion, cut into quarters
  • salt & pepper, to taste
  • 1 can Pastene ground peeled tomatoes (28 oz)
  • 2 cups pasta, uncooked (various types.)  I usually fill a 2-cup measuring cup with alphabets, ziti, shells, etc.  Use your favorites.


  1. Place chicken breasts in a large pot and add just enough water to cover. Add onion, salt & pepper. Boil about 30-40 minutes or until chicken is cooked through.
  2. Meanwhile, cook pasta until al dente. Strain
  3. Once chicken is cooked, remove it from the broth. Set chicken aside to cool.
  4. Strain 3 ½ cups of the water that you just boiled the chicken in to remove any pieces of skin, bones, etc. Pour the 3 ½ cups of the strained water (broth) into a soup pot.
  5. Add the can of Pastene tomatoes to the broth.
  6. Add pasta to the broth.
  7. Remove chicken from the bone. Chop or tear into bite-sized pieces. Add about 2 cups of the chicken to the broth.
  8. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  9. Enjoy! 🙂

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