Video Review: Lord of the Dance (Michael Flatley)

Lord of the Dance Video cover

My Rating ***** 5 out of 5

Why Did I Watch?

Lord of the Dance is just one of those performances that greatly inspires me each time I watch it.  I love the music and the dancing, and the whole performance just amazes me.  This Saturday, all of our scheduled activities were canceled due to a snow storm, so I looked through my collection of videos and decided I wanted to see this again.  It never fails to inspire me… 🙂

What Did I Think?

I LOVE this performance!  It is truly amazing and entertaining to me.  I LOVE the music, I LOVE the dancing, I love the energy, and I love everything about it!  If I were able to live another life, I think my first choice would be an Irish Step Dance Performer.

If  you have never seen the performance and would like to, the new 2011 show is currently free to watch here at IMDb.  If you don’t have 1 1/2 hours to watch the entire performance, you can just watch the final 6 minutes (beginning at 1:25) to get an idea of how amazing this show is. 🙂

After I watched the performance this weekend, I was inspired to go on YouTube to learn some basic Irish Step Dance Steps.  I tried the steps on this video, and my daughters and I had a great time practicing the steps.  I am excited to learn more steps! 🙂

I hope Lord of the Dance inspires you as much as it inspires me! 🙂


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