Movie Review: Life of Pi

Life of Pi MovieMy Rating:  **** 4 out of 5 Stars

Why Did I Watch?

Life of Pi is a movie that was recommended to me by a few good friends.  They told me the story was very deep and spiritual, and they both thought I would enjoy it.


To VERY briefly summarize the story:  Pi Patel, a teenage boy, spends 227 days drifting across the Pacific Ocean in a lifeboat with a Bengal Tiger.  In this very spiritual journey, he must let go of his prior religious beliefs and ways of living and learn to come to terms with new ways in order to survive.  For a much more in-depth review, Roger Ebert summarizes and reviews the story beautifully here.

Watch the trailer here:

What Did I Think/Recommendation?

I watched this movie with my entire family.  At first, none of them were interested.  If it’s a movie mommy was interested in watching, they didn’t think it was one they would like.  My husband read the summary on the back of the DVD and said it wasn’t a movie for him, either.  But as I watched it, they all stayed in the room with me doing their own thing.  One by one, I noticed them put down their devices and pay more attention to the movie.  By the middle of the movie, everyone was completely into it.  My 7-year-old even asked to watch it again the next night!  Overall, we all loved the movie!  I agree it was very spiritual and very deep, and there were some things we didn’t understand after only watching once.  I am hoping to read the book soon to gain a better understanding.  I thought it was a wonderful family movie, I thought the cinematography and visual effects were AMAZING, and I would highly recommend it.  Here is my favorite quote from the movie:

Life of Pi Quote2


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