Awesome Stuff Tuesday: My Top 8 Discoveries of 2014

2014 has been a great year!  I have discovered some amazing people who have inspired me, motivated me, and helped me on my journey of personal growth.  I have also discovered some wonderful products, blogs, and websites that have made my life easier and more exciting.  Here are my Top 8 discoveries of 2014:

1.  PicMonkey – I use this website just about every day!  It is a FREE photo-editing website.  Most of the photos and quotes I post on this blog are created through PicMonkey.  Check it out if you haven’t already!

2.  Marie Forleo – Marie Forleo is a true inspiration to me.  She is funny, smart, beautiful, talented, and most of all, authentic.  She hosts a TV show called Marie TV, with a new episode every Tuesday.  Her mission is to help people create a business and life that they love.  Check out this quick 39 second clip of her introducing MarieTV.

3.  Wet Brush – The Wet Brush has been a HUGE timesaver for me.  With three girls who don’t enjoy having their hair brushed, mornings have been made so much easier since we got this brush!  I don’t know what the secret is to the brush, but it works!!  I have recommended it to all my friends.  If you have a little girl and brushing hair is a struggle, give this brush a try!

September 15, 2014 040 September 15, 2014 044

4.  Brendon Burchard – Brendon Burchard is a personal development trainer.  I discovered one of his free on-line trainings this year, and I thought he was a true inspiration!  He is a wonderful speaker, the information he reveals is invaluable, and his generosity in revealing his knowledge is admirable.   He has also written several books.  This year I read his book The Charge which was very inspiring and motivating to me (see my review here).  If you want to start living out your life’s purpose and would like a little motivation, check out this free 30 minute on-line class by Brendon Burchard.  You won’t be disappointed!

5.  Creative Live – Creative Live is a website that provides FREE creative classes from the world’s top experts. They tend to focus mainly on photography, but there are classes in MANY other areas as well.  Check it out, but beware:  you may become totally engrossed in the class and not want to do anything else or get anything done while the class is on.  Check out my review on Creative Live here.

6. Craftsy – Craftsy is a website that provides on-line classes in sewing, art, woodworking, cooking, and many other different hobbies.  Many of the classes require payment, but there are also some FREE mini-classes.  I have not yet tried the paid classes, but I took the Complete Knife Skills class with Brendan McDermott and it was awesome!  Check out my review and the link to the class here.  I am looking forward to taking more of the free classes in the coming year, so stay tuned for my reviews on those.

7.  Akiane – Akiane is a child art prodigy.  I discovered her story in the book “Heaven is For Real”, and I was fascinated by her story.  Check out her story and amazing paintings here.

8.  I discovered MANY inspirational books.  Check out the Top 10 inspirational books I read in 2014 here.

What amazing things have you discovered this year?  Please leave a comment below. 🙂


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