Movie Review: Everybody’s Fine

Everybody's Fine cover

My Rating **** 4/5 stars.


Robert DeNiro plays a father whose wife recently passed away.  His four grown children are scattered throughout the country, but he dreams of getting them all together again around his table.  They planned a family reunion at his house, but each of his children canceled at the last minute.  So, he decided to surprise each of them and travel across the country to visit them individually instead.  On his trip, he finds his children seem distant and cannot talk to him easily.  When they were growing up, he had always put a lot of pressure on them to be successful in life, so when he goes to visit each of them, they feel like they need to lie to him to protect each other and to gain his approval.  When he finally learns of these lies and realizes their lives are not perfect, he is finally able to come to the conclusion that “Everybody is fine” when he accepts each of them as they are.  He realizes their happiness is what is important, not society’s definition of success.


I think this movie teaches the importance of honesty, unconditional love, and accepting everyone as they are.  Do not judge others, accept and respect everyone as they are, and realize that happiness is more important than status and society’s definition of success.

What Did I Think?

This was a tearjerker – the type of movie I love!  The actors were great, and I love the message.  Great movie!!  The length of the movie was also perfect in my opinion.  It held my attention and I was able to stay awake for the entire 99 minutes.  🙂  I would recommend.

For more information about the movie and to see the trailer, click here.


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