Movie Review: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a movie I could watch over and over (and over) again!  There are few movies that I will even take the time to watch once, let alone watch again and again.  I find this movie to be hilarious no matter how many times I see it (and I’m not even Greek!) 🙂

My Big Fat Greek Wedding is one of the top romantic comedies of all time, and one of my all-time favorite movies.  It is a movie about love, acceptance, and family.  Toula, a woman from a large Greek family, falls in love with Ian Miller, a non-Greek man from a very different upbringing.  When they finally gain the approval of Toula’s family and decide to marry, her family plans an enormous wedding for them.  The movie mainly focuses on the life and traditions of a typical Greek family, and it demonstrates them in a very funny way.

Whether you’re Greek or not, if you’re looking for a fun movie and just want to laugh, this is a great one to watch.  My kids (ages 12, 10, and 7) watched it with us for the first time this weekend, and they all loved it, too!  To view the trailer, click here.


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