How to Start Living out Your Life’s Purpose

“At the end of our lives we will all ask, ‘Did I live?  Did I love?  Did I matter?” ~Brendon Burchard


Are you ready to start living out your life’s purpose?  Do you need a little motivation?  Brendon Burchard, author of The Motivation Manifesto, shares some invaluable tips in this FREE 30-minute video to get you motivated and on the path to fulfilling your life’s work and help you to make your mark in this world.  In this video, he provides invaluable tips and free downloadable tools, and he also reveals the one thing you should NOT be doing in the morning if you want to have a productive day.  I have not yet read any of Brendan’s books, but I intend to read them soon, starting with The Motivation Manifesto.  I have seen several of his free videos, and I think he is a true inspiration!  He is a wonderful speaker, the information he reveals is invaluable, and his generosity in revealing his knowledge is admirable.  I felt this 30-minute video was a valuable use of my time.  I learned some wonderful tips to start taking back my days and gain momentum with my goals.  Check it out here and begin to take control of your days in order to maximize productivity.  Check out more valuable videos from Brendon on his You Tube Channel here.

“There is always time each day to progress towards our dreams.  Believing otherwise condemns us to a life of mediocrity.” ~Brendon Burchard


4 thoughts on “How to Start Living out Your Life’s Purpose

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