Easy Halloween Costume Idea: Crayola Crayon

October 21, 2014 057

Halloween is just over a week away!  If you’re looking for an easy costume idea, you have come to the right place.  Last week, I shared how I made an easy Candy Corn Halloween Costume for my 6-year old.  In that post, I mentioned that two of my daughters wanted to be Crayons for Halloween this year.  With a little inspiration from this post at Stitch a Wish Designs and a few ideas of our own, we seem to have come up with a costume that my girls are really happy with.  Our costumes didn’t come out perfect, but my daughters really enjoyed taking part in creating their own costumes, and I love that we were able to do this together.  We even had my daughter’s friend over and we made one for her as well, so they are very excited to go trick-or-treating together in matching costumes.  They were really happy with the way they came out, and that’s really all that matters to me. 🙂  My 11-year-old did the entire Crayola design on her own for all 3 costumes, and she was very proud of herself.

This costume really was very inexpensive and very easy to make (each costume cost me under $7.)  On Halloween, they will be wearing shirts underneath that match their crayon color (so it should look much better than it does here), but I couldn’t get them to put them on for this picture.  You need to choose your battles, right? 🙂

October 17, 2014 041

Supplies Needed per Costume

  • 1 Yard Felt – Color of your choice (this was $2.99 at Joann Fabrics)
  • 1 Roll Black Duck Tape (this cost $3.37 at Walmart…I was able to make 3 costumes with this)
  • Party hat ($1 at Dollar Tree)
  • Craft knife or utility knife or even a kitchen knife (I already had this on hand)
  • Velcro (optional)
  • Sewing needle and thread (I had this on hand)
  • Hot glue (or other adhesive)


  1. Wrap felt around child and secure with Velcro.
  2. Cut to desired length.
  3. Cut a 1″ strip of felt (for the shoulder straps).  I cut a long strip, so just folded it in half to make 2 straps.
  4. Wrap the felt around the child again and mark where the straps will go (I used pins to see where I would need to sew.)
  5. Sew the straps on (or use adhesive of your choice to secure them).
  6. Approximately 4-5″ from the top of your fabric, roll out a strip of black duck tape horizontally all the way across the fabric.October 21, 2014 046
  7. Approximately 4-5″ from the bottom of your fabric, roll out a strip of black duck tape horizontally all the way across the fabric.  It should look like this: October 21, 2014 047
  8. Using a craft knife, cut about a 1/4″ thick wavy line of the duck tape on each of the horizontal strips you just added.  Remove the 1/4″ wavy line of duck tape to expose the felt underneath.  Be careful to cut only through the duck tape and not through the fabric as well.  This step took me the longest. October 20, 2014 024
  9. Using duck tape, create the Crayola design as best you can.  My 11-year old daughter did this part on her own.  Look at a Crayola crayon for guidance.October 17, 2014 Kira Crayon
  10. This is what ours looked like when completed.October 17, 2014 038

To make the hat:

  1. Open the hat and lay it over the extra felt.  Trace around the hat onto the felt with an Ultra Fine Point Sharpie.
  2. Cut out the felt.
  3. Close the hat back up.  Hot glue the felt to the hat.
  4. Cut a 4″ x 24″ strip of felt.
  5. Beginning at the seam, fold the strip in half so about 2″ is showing on the outside of the hat and about 2″ is inside the hat.  Attach the felt all the way around on the inside using duck tape.October 21, 2014 060
  6. Once done, the hat will look like this.  Feel free to cut off the tip if you don’t want to be a sharp crayon.October 21, 2014 061

I hope this post was helpful.  If you decide to make a crayon costume, I would love to hear how it turned out and I’d love to hear of any variations you made.  Happy Halloween!! 🙂


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