Awesome stuff Tuesday: Creative Live

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Do you love to learn new things (for FREE)?  Do you love to be creative?  If you answered yes to both of those questions, you are going to LOVE this site I am going to tell you about.  I was introduced to it by a friend who is a photographer.  I began watching last spring, and I have learned SO MUCH from it (even tips on creating this blog)!

The site is called Creative Live.  It offers free on-line classes for creatives.  There are 5 Channels:  Photo & Video, Art & Design, Music & Audio, Craft & Maker, and Money & Life.  The site covers a broad range of topics, including photography, creating a blog, scrap-booking, crafts, sewing, and SO much more!  Each channel broadcasts Live classes for free, and then they rebroadcast them during off-hours.  The classes are also offered for sale if you want to be able to watch at your convenience.

I highly recommend checking it out!  The only downfall I have found is that it is very easy to get so deeply involved in the class that I don’t want to miss anything.  As a result, I fall behind on my usual daily chores.  However, that could easily be avoided by purchasing the class.

There are so many wonderful things in life to learn, and I am so grateful to Creative Live for providing these valuable classes for FREE and encouraging people to spend more time with their creative self.  We are all creative deep down, and when we find and embrace that artist, that is where we find God.  Discover your inner artist today and check it out for yourself at:


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